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Automatic tents selection
Jan 17, 2018

Good automatic tents are made of fiberglass rods, with high elasticity and toughness, can be repeatedly folded, so life is relatively long. Low-quality automatic tents tend to use flat steel rods, the tent itself lighter weight, but if the twisted wire can not be restored to its original state, then the tent can not be used. Automatic tent folding is usually a cake-shaped, for the convenience of car owners is the wind, but also some people become trunk essential. High-quality automatic tents on the market (usually 2-3 people use) the price is usually 300-400 yuan left. Of course, this is just for reference. If there are more automatic tents in the future, there will be more prices. In the purchase of tents, the most concerned about is the rainproof and windproof features of the tent itself, these high-quality tents can be guaranteed. Especially in the rain, the tent waterproof fabric 1000mm-1500mm and above are no problem. What is waterproof 1000mm? Means the water pressure in the 1000mm 1 hour shower no significant water seepage. Unless there is cracked sealant splitting, otherwise heavy rain is unlikely to leaking water. If you feel the wet hand inside the tent feel, it may be due to moisture inside and outside the account caused by the temperature difference between the steam (like an umbrella), you should not have to worry about leakage problems. And then make a popular analogy: usually waterproof umbrella is PU 1000mm. According to the actual field experience, PU800 coating in the outdoor environment can prevent small to medium rain, PU1000-1200 coating can prevent moderate to heavy rain. In addition, some well-made brands will also add some new features, such as - sun protection. With sunscreen and sun umbrella UV protection, I believe this beauty, it is a can not be ignored index.

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