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Difference between inflatable tents and ordinary metal bracket tents
Jan 17, 2018

First, the weight

Metal support Tents due to the use of iron pipe as a stent, so the weight is relatively large, which inevitably brings trouble to transport and movement. Especially the larger area of the tent, the more the use of the stent, and as the tent area increases, the load-bearing requirements will be greater, which led to increased load bearing bracket, the corresponding will use a larger wall thickness Iron pipe, the weight of the tent will be even greater.

The inflatable tent, for the inflatable keel, can be folded, and iron pipe bracket structure of the common metal tents to compare that the weight is clearly lighter, so in the transport is relatively easy.

Second, the volume

The same tents in the tent size, metal bracket tent, due to the presence of iron pipe bracket, can not be free to package; and iron pipe bracket length is generally longer, resulting in slightly smaller vehicles will not let go, so in its transport On, you must use a larger vehicle.

The inflatable tent, because it is software, inflatable keel, and the air column deflated after free folding; This design allows the tent after use, it can be folded freely, taking up only a small volume, you can easily put a small Domestic vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Easy to transport.

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