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Great word tent
Jan 17, 2018

Large tent tent, also known as large tents, tents, etc., mainly for outdoor large-scale activities.

The main structure of the big tent tent consists of two parts, one for the aluminum main frame, the second is tarpaulin. In fact, often equipped with other comprehensive facilities to beautify and improve the theme of the event held.

The main structure of the hermitage tent adopts high-strength aluminum alloy profile, the construction principle is the aluminum frame-beam frame, the support between the columns is made of steel parts, the roof is reinforced by the cable-stayed cable, the roofing and the wall are provided with the base cloth Enclosure Material selection of aluminum alloy profiles GB / T-6063 standards, the National Nonferrous Metals Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center, the material qualified. Tent project foundation solid, the materials used and structures with high integrity and safety. The structure of the building has reached strict European standards. The overall structure of the professional organizations after the wind test and damage testing.

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