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How to choose a toy ball for your baby
Jan 17, 2018

 According to the baby's age, from the visual, auditory, tactile and other considerations to choose different types, different materials or hybrid toy ball; also from the size of the toy ball, you can choose to hold the ball in the baby's hand, Can hold the ball in his arms, you can put the ball on the ground kick; from the material considerations, choose a flexible ball, you can pat the play; choose a regular balloon to be replaced promptly to avoid a sudden balloon burst scare the baby. Regardless of the choice of what kind of ball to consider - safety first, do not choose hydrogen balloon.


1, to promote the baby's visual development, choose a bright color or a combination of colors of the ball.

2, to promote the baby's hearing development, choose a gentle sound of the ball, such as there is a small bell.

3, to promote the baby's tactile development, choose to hold the ball in your hand, you can pass both hands, training baby grasp, grip, pinch, pick up, put down and other fine motor development, hand-eye coordination can also be trained; Be sure to fit the size of the baby's hand and not buy the ball too small to prevent eating or snagging the nostrils and ear canal to prevent accidents. Play a small ball toys must have an adult companion, such as Peas, small glass ball.

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