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How to clean the tent
Jan 17, 2018

Tent cleaning after use, maintenance is also very important, it relates to the life of the tent, but also directly affect the future use of cleaning tents should be carried out according to the following procedures:

1, clean the underside of the tent, wipe the sediment, if any pollution can be slightly scrubbed with water.

2, drying the tent inside and outside the tent, until the recovery of dry and then put away, too late to the tent to dry, remember not to be long-lived, so as not to stain and mold, a conditional immediately drying.

3, clean up the strut of sand.

4, check the tent accessories and integrity.

5, should not be washed with detergent to avoid affecting the waterproof effect. Is plugged in, a pull on the loose. Finally fold up the pole, both inside and outside the income collection good back into the bag, do not lose to nail.

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