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Parents how to buy children's toys
Jan 17, 2018

Soft toy

Baby at this time because of the immune system is relatively weak, so in the purchase of toys must pay attention to discharge any risk factors, responsible for it is easy because of various infections and injuries affect the baby's health. And birth to 1 year old baby, this time growth and development faster than any period, especially neurodevelopment more rapidly, so this time is very susceptible to infectious diseases. Therefore, when the mother in the purchase of toys to pay special attention, that is, as much as possible to buy some soft toys.

Such as software-filled toys, rattle, squeeze / sound toys, these toys not only not easy for the baby to cause any external damage, but also conducive to the baby's physical and psychological development.

2. No dangerous toys

Different periods of baby need different toys, so when the mother in the purchase of toys must pay special attention, you must buy some toys suitable for the age of the baby. For 1 year-old to 3-year-old baby, this time the physiological characteristics of the physical growth rate is slower than infancy, in addition to language and motor skills have also been significantly improved. Babies often move around in their early life, but do not have a sense of safety and self-protection, so accidents can easily occur.

For children 1-3 years of age, the mother in the purchase of children's toys should choose some balls, drag toys, building blocks, toy houses, toy cars, jigsaw puzzle toys, beach toys, which are the most suitable toys.

3.4-6 years old

Baby at 4-6 years of age as a pre-school, this time the children usually continue to grow physical development, although the basic self-satisfied but there are still mild hands and feet are not flexible and so on. In addition, this time there are children there are careless and uneasy and other characteristics, so this time when the mother in the purchase of toys must pay special attention, it is best to choose some to help your baby to grow and develop toys. Such as tricycles and helmets, bicycles, puzzle (10-20), dolls and clothing.

At the same time in the purchase of children's toys, but also pay special attention to the need to choose better quality toys, these toys not only feel comfortable and good surface gloss. In addition, the mother can also choose some story books, toys and other scenes with figures and accessories.

4.6-9 years old

Children of this age are school-age children, so they really enjoy playing tricks and intelligence games, so mothers can choose kites, bicycles, helmets, skates and other toys with a targeted look. In addition you can choose some handicrafts, dolls, puppets and acting clown, sports equipment, such toys have a good puzzle.

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