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Take the tents in the wild precautions
Jan 17, 2018

Pay attention to the inner ledge and the outer ledge in one direction. The four corners hang on the four corners of the inner ledge (near the pole, where you can find the hangings), and the outer ledger Four corners are also nailed to the corner of the house around the corner of the four corners to see if there is still an outer ledger that can be pegged to the outer ledge so that the outer ledge is taut and the inner ledger is not attached The account will not be wet, but also because of breathing, the morning outside the net will be a layer of dew or cream, do not stick will not get wet inside the tent, but there are also bad tent frost will end in the account ah, get up early It is going to snow in the tent.

There are some rope outside the tent, is used to reinforce tents, no gale generally can not pull, do not rest assured that the best pull, but also with the peg, a few ropes force evenly pulled well. Morning, if it is a good day, it is best not to immediately receive a tent, a little dry, if it rains, go home must remember to spread open to dry, otherwise moldy. Tent to open the tent before the dismantling of the account, the internal account of the ground nail unplugged, do not rush to dismantle the pole, the door open, the tent lifted to shake, the inside of the soil drained, and then on the ground, the two poles are Take a head, which can be paved the tent, put the pole out of one end, do not pull, the pole is inserted up, a pull loose. Finally fold up the pole, both inside and outside the income collection back into the bag, do not lose to nail.

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