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Tent storage method
Jan 17, 2018

1, in addition to the tent after use should be promptly cleaned of dust and attachments, but also the fabric should be wiped off both sides of the moisture, to be completely dry before folding storage. If not completely stored on the dry, it is easy to make mold mildew and adhesions and other issues. Affect the life of tents!

2, tent completely dry folded storage, try not to pressure on other items on the tent, so as not to cause permanent bending of waterproof plastic material bending resulting degumming.

3, regular or irregular out of the tent to cool the sun (to avoid direct sunlight) for a long time, re-folded and then folded storage, the benefits are that it can prevent mildew tent fabric and adhesion, but also to make the tent bend waterproof The rubber strip does not produce permanent fatigue, extending the overall life of the tent.

4, tent cleaning is completed, the original storage bag compression storage method is not desirable.

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