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Experience Kids Camping At Home
Jan 17, 2018

Every child needs space for rest and play, and a small tent can have fun and keep children happy. Xiaobian take a look at the case of children's tents, feel it fun and full of it.

    In one corner of the room put a tent, different tents ordinary triangle shape, but a small cylindrical tent, can save space well. The origin pattern with the top of the white curtain, and the color of the space complement each other.

    Small tents placed in the attic will be very much like children, children climb the loft, small space will naturally become a small world of children. The entire space colorful, inspire children unlimited imagination.

    The red tent of the star pattern adds a touch of bright color to the monotonous space. Branches of the branch shape is to increase the real sense of camping. Carpeted the floor, both to allow children to play freely and to avoid injury to children.

    Even older children love the world built by tents, propping up a big tent on the couch near the study. Can read in the book, when reading tired reading can also be inside the nap, comfort and peace of mind.

    Use the corner of the living room to put a tent, white tent and sofa color uniform, with a zebra pattern carpet, very coordinated. When the adults sitting on the sofa to rest, let the children play at one time, always take care of children.

    Put the tent directly on the bed, cot is a small world, I think children will love to sleep more. Yellow curtain and wall color complement each other.

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