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How To Choose A Good Children's Tent
Jan 17, 2018

A wide range of children's tents on the market, the quality is uneven, the selection of materials, environmental protection and safety of the tents is particularly important. There are also well-known furniture brands occurred before the children's tents due to structural safety issues, the global recall of 100,000 tents incident. Parents in the purchase can refer to the following three points:

1. Structural safety and stability Tent connection is solid, there will be no danger of collapse, when the parents can buy a little pressure on the tent, feel the stability of the connection bit.

2. Tent fixed rod is poor Poor tent rod may be polished with smooth wood, metal, parents buy the hair when you can touch the entire bar if there are protruding burrs to prevent children playing scratch, spines hurt.

3. Tent woven fabric fabric to environmental protection, flame retardant, smooth. Unqualified printing ink will pose a health hazard to children; flame retardant fabric can reduce the risk of burns; fabric smooth, no obvious protrusions, to avoid scratching.

4. Tent ventilation design Tent whether there is "small window", when the tent door is closed, will not let the child produce gas tightness, breathing and other dangerous.

If the above four points are up to standard, give the children to buy a high-quality children's tent to meet their exploration needs.