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Select Children's Music Toys Attention
Jan 17, 2018

These will make a sound gift through a number of scientific and technological means and built-in design, the general use of the battery as an energy source, part of the gift can also be accompanied by music to do some action. In fact, such a toy gift also has some dangers, often these gifts attract parents' attention. The company is located in:

Advice to buy: Dangerous music toys should be screened from three aspects: the size of the music sound decibel, the sound is too agitation, the toy battery is reliable. In the choice of music toys for the baby, the first choice should be moderate sound music toys. Excessive music can harm your baby's hearing, too much music and noisy children's emotions. In addition, most music toys use batteries as their energy source. These batteries are easy to be taken out by the baby, dangerous for being swallowed by children , So to buy batteries with toys depends on whether there is a reliable battery box screwed.